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WAX SEAL STAMP KIT[Sealing Wax Kit]–Including 1 candle,2 can of sealing wax(45pcs/can) ,1 wax melting spoon, 3 stamp seals and an exquisite handle, all product will be packed in a gift box.[Exquisite Detail and Craftsmanship]–Melting spoon of wooden handle is easier to grip when use. Vintage and exquisite seal stamp handle is full of elegance. Including a stamp seal of 3 various pattern, the stamp seal handle is detachable, allowing you to switch different stamp seals.[Safe and Natural Wax of Multicolor]–With a smooth surface, melt easily and dry quickly that are easy to use, and not easy to break under the external force. are made of wax, smokeless, non-toxic, safe in material, easy to melt and solidify quickly without falling off. The color is retro and bright, and it can be matched with different kinds of invitation envelope colors.[How to Use]–1.Light the candle first;2.Choose one your favored-color wax you lik, put it on the melting spoon,and let the candle heat melts the wax;3.Gentlely pouring over the wax on the place you want to seal,then press the stamps seal on the wax and wait it cool and solidify.[Wide Application]–Suitable for gift sealing,hobby,craft projects,sealing wine,tea or cosmetics packaging. Ideal for decorating envelopes, parcels,wedding and party invitations, it is a perfect way to personalize handmade cards and letters.Price


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